We help to match Coffee with your plant-based drink

Whether you are vegan, or simply prefer to drink oat, soy, almond or coconut drink with your coffee, we promise a truly memorable experience.

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You will get the clarity and sharpness of the coffee, plus the depth of flavour qualities of your favourite plant-based drink without compromising the whole taste. But remember whether a coffee is a single origin, blend and recommended to pair with plant-based drink... they are all just coffee in the end.

Discover your best Coffee to match

The flavour of any coffee drink made with plant rather than dairy will be different, though, because of plant milk’s different fat and protein content. As with every other food and beverage, each person must find their own balance between flavour and health. And this is where al Bacio Coffee & Co. comes in.

What is important to us

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All our coffee starts with tasting run by in-house Professional Q Grader. We pick our coffee purely on its flavour, quality and taste to best pair with the related plant-based drink in mind.

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According to a study, scientists recommend drinking plant-based drink. Findings led researchers (and us) conclude that coffee should be drunk with plant-based drink or black though.

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We are passionate about our world and we strongly believe that any businesses should try and do their best to ensure the carbon footprint is minimal. Here at al Bacio Coffee we are committed to doing that.

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I was skeptical until I tried the Ethiopia Floral with my Almond drink...what a great surprise!


I now enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning with the flavours compliment each other's.


This is the best coffee ever. I am addicted now to my SMACK Blend coffee. Thank you al Bacio team.


Four years on and I have tried many great products that cater to my diet but I was particularly impressed when I came across this gem.


Simply delicious.


They speak about us