Our Story

I start to become much more Health-conscious in my life and therefore I am more likely to purchase dairy alternatives rather than traditional high-fat dairy products such as whole or skimmed milk. Soon I have discovered that this had a direct result on my coffee consumption behaviour and the way I enjoy the perfect coffee cup.

The sweetness and creaminess of dairy milk perfectly balance the bitterness and acidity of coffee. Whether for dietary or ethical reasons, choosing a non-dairy pairing for our daily coffee calls for more careful consideration. Whereas cow’s milk tends to taste more neutral, plant-based drinks have recognizable flavour profiles of their own.

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During my time in Australia I quickly realize the importance that choosing the right coffee can allow the flavour of both coffee and plant-based drink to shine!

As with every other food and beverage, each person must find their own balance between flavour and health. And this is where the idea of al Bacio Coffee & Co. has born: to offer the best coffee to pair with alternative drink.  

al Bacio Coffee & Co. offers fresh, artisan blend and single origin Coffee ethically sourced with plant-based drink in mind.

I aim to empower the coffee lovers to choose their best cup of coffee according to their favourite plant-based drink, with a special focus on healthy and vegan people.

I hope you can enjoy every day your cup of coffee...as I do.

Paolo - The Founder


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