How we Roast

Every coffee roaster you know will most likely have his or her own preferred way of toasting coffee. Our method is unique. We have several styles, actually, and it depends on what we need to pair with a coffee. You can toast short and powerful or slow and long. The way you roast coffee has a huge impact on the overall final taste. Our very specific profiles and processes are our secrets to bring to life our unique coffee.

We use a Loring Convection Roaster. It is one of the greenest and most efficient roasters available. Using 80% less fuel per roast than traditional drum roasters. 

As a company, we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible, therefore the Loring Convenction Roaster was a must. 

It also uses an airflow system to cool the beans at the end of each roast, which means smoke is not being extracted into the environment.


coffee roaster roasting brown beans


The convection system makes sure the beans never really suffer any contact damage. Drum roasting impacts the bean differently as the heated drum comes into contact with the bean, burning its surface.

As we are not using a heated drum to roast the coffee, the result is less burning of the surface of the bean (as we use convection and not conduction).

This results in highlighting the flavour and integrity of our coffee beans, meaning they are cleaner and smoother in taste.

It also means our coffee stays fresher for longer, so you can enjoy at your pace without compromise the quality.


Coffee Roaster drum roasting beans


Our Roasting Machine is computer controlled with one of the most recent technology in the industry.

We are proud to manually roast and perfect the coffee first, but we are not shy to ask technology to help adding the data to the computer. So we can set the specific profile for each coffee according to the drink is going to pay with, and roasts to perfection within a second of the required roasting time.

This not only gives us great consistency within our coffees so you can experience the same high quality we aim for, but it also significantly reduces wastage.

After roasting and cooling the coffee is automatically run through the de-stoner which removes foreign objects before being deposited for us to then rest the coffee.

At the end of the roast, we air cool the coffee inside the roaster. As far as we know, this is quite unique in the industry. This ensures that we are not puffing out smoke into the environment.

See below video on how Loring Roster Airflow works: