We are proud of al Bacio Coffee & Co. and the coffee we offer you. That pride doesn’t just come from our love of coffee but from the fact that we want to help you to enjoy your cup of coffee at its best.

We looked at a lot of factors when creating al Bacio Coffee & Co. From the beans we source to the roaster we use, the roasting time, what blends or single origin we feel work with the different plant-based drink.

Every aspect makes a difference to the coffee we supply. We’ve tested many before to provide you with single origin coffees from around the world that offer a range of profiles, and developed blends that are a perfect match for the different range of plant-based drink.

Obviously, the exact recipes for what we do are our secret but here’s what we can reveal to you.

Fresh Beans

All our coffee starts with your drink in mind. We have professional Q Grader that blind tastes the beans and helps us pick our coffee purely on its quality, flavour and taste to better match the related plant-based drink.

q grader cupping coffee taste professional
Our coffee is roasted to order. Fresh coffee is important for us as well as we believe coffee can be a little too fresh and needs some time to rest before bagging and shipping. This because coffees just roasted created gases (carbon dioxide included). It releases and reduces over time, don't worry. At al Bacio Coffee & Co. we let the coffee rest enough to result in a more consistent taste.

It is our mantra by the way continuously experimenting and testing, and we feel we’ve got the perfect balance for the way we bring coffee to your table.

Coffee Sourcing

The coffee is imported from origin, so we know everything there is to know about the beans. For us it is important that they’ve been ethically sourced; for this reason we’ve paid above the minimum Fair trade price and well above the market value to ensure we support the farmers and their workers.

coffee sourcing picking hands sustainability farmer

Our coffees are handly picked and carefully choose to give you a range of flavours to suit every plant-based milk. Some are picked as the perfect single origin, when we feel they really match our desire flavour. Others are purposely picked with espresso blends in mind and some are picked for both.

Roasting process

Once chosen, the roasting process begins. This is a transformation time process and involves a lot of fun and passion. We need to explore and learn the roasting profiles for each bean to really bring out the best to match your plant-based drink.

roasting coffee beans green roasted process

Roasting times, temperatures, seasonality, blends play a relevant role as does the profile. Once we’ve perfected the roast, we don't stop but we continually try to improve. 

Full Traceability

We have full traceability of our coffee. This means we monitor the batch from the farm to your cup. We include the batch number on each individual bag sent to you. This level of traceability allows us to quality manage every step of the process, from the sourced beans to the roast, to your feedback.